Marconi Holiday Village

Marconi Holiday Village

Address: Lavernock Point, Fort Road, Penarth, Glamorgan, CF64 5XQ
Telephone: 029 2070 7310
Season: Open All Year
Pitches: 120
Seasonal Pitches: No
Marconi Holiday Village trades under the name of Lavernock Point Holiday Estate is the closest self catering accommodation site to Cardiff. It is ideally situated 2 miles from Penarth on elevated ground.

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Accommodation (No smoking, No pets permitted)

Most of our short term letting bungalows have spectacular views overlooking the Bristol Channel

We offer three types of bungalow accommodation:-

4 Berth, 2 Bedroom Holiday Chalets 6 Berth, 3 Bedroom Holiday Chalets 4 Berth, 2 Bedroom Long Term Rental Chalets 6 Berth, 3 Bedroom Long Term Rental Chalets As these are limited in number it is recommended that you phone first to confirm availability before submitting your booking

Elecrtricity extra and is supplied by way of card-operated meter.

We regret no pets allowed. Our lovely 80ft outdoor swimming pool is ideal for all ages, with depths ranging from 2ft to 6ft, and is well sheltered from prevailing winds.

Smaller children can take advantage of our brand new square shaped pool, which is 12 ft x 12 ft in diameter and just 1ft deep. There is an ample sunbathing area by the pools so you can keep an eye on your children without getting wet.

Pools open Withsun - 1st week of September.

Childrens playground There is a small children's playground for children up to the ages of 14 adjacent to the beer garden and barbeque area so that they can have their fun whilst you have yours.

Laundry Washing and drying facilities available daily from 9am – 5pm. Shop There is a supermarket situated approximately 1.5 miles from the Holiday Village. Telephones There is a public payphone in the Marconi Inn.

Check out what's happening in the Marconi Inn on our What's On Page

The Marconi Inn overlooks the swimming pool and has a nautical atmosphere reminiscent of the old Pilot Cutters. The bar itself is in the form of a boat and the décor captures the same maritime flavour. The Marconi Inn makes an excellent lunchtime rendez-vous and inthe evening caters forthose who prefer a restful evening with their friends.

Children are allowed into the bar, provided they are accompanied by their parents.

A beer garden and barbeque area are also provided for those long hot summer nights and although you can use the barbeque for free, the Bar Manager's permission must be sought first to avoid any double booking.

Marconi Holiday Village at Lavernock Point Lavernock Point Fort Road Penarth CF64 5XQ

Tel: 029 2070 7310 Fax 029 2070 0509 Email:

How to get there From the M4 take junction 33. Take 1st exit left onto the A 4232. Stay on this road for exactly 8 miles (4 junctions later). Enter the rounderbout and take the 3rd exit onto the A4055, this will take you towards Penarth. Travel approx 0.45 mile and you will come to a busy cross roads with Traffic lights and a Toby Inn on right hand side. Take the centre lane and continue straight through (Barry Road). After 0.42 miles you will come to a set of traffic lights. Turn left and left again after 30 meters into the B4267 (Redlands Road, which becomes Lavernock Rd). After exactly 2.6 miles turn left into Fort Road. We are at the end of this lane.

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Here in South Wales we are able to cater for all tastes. To our north the world famous Welsh Valleys where coal was 'king' and where Burton and Jones learned their trades. We have castles by the score with even a Roman fortress for good measure.

If you enjoy golf we are graced with many fine courses, all within just a few miles

For the night owl and gourmet Cardiff city will not disappoint. There are Welsh, English and ethnic restaurants to satisfy the most discerning of tastes. Pubs and clubs abound as do cinemas, theatres and fine sports and leisure facilities.

We have details of activities and attractions in Reception and are always happy provide you with further details.

These Chalets are strictly Holiday Homes to be used as secondary holiday accommodation. Please note that this company is unwilling to give it's consent to any transfer where the prospective purchaser can not provide proof of primary Home ownership

Before we can arrange a viewing on any property we require sight of two current Utility Bills in the name of the prospective purchaser

*Important Notice read very carefully

Most chalets on this estate have only approx 23 years remaining on their leases before reverting back to the landlord. It is not a formality for us to extend the length of these leases and the current cost to do so is in the region of £ 9,600.00 plus our costs. Please be aware of this when negotiating any private sale on the estate.

Please read the information pack below to see if you meet the criteria involved in purchasing a chalet on our park before viewing the list of chalets for sale.

If you meet this strict criteria and can complete the Consent Form to our satisfaction

please hit this link to view CHALETS FOR SALE

Information Pack For Prospective Purchasers Of Holiday Chalets At Lavernock Point Holiday Estate

In recent years, due to the rise in house prices in the area there has been an increased

interest in the purchase of holiday chalets from persons looking for a cheaper alternative

to purchasing a house.

Due to this it has now become necessary to inform all prospective purchasers of some

of the terms of our planning consent and the procedure involved when purchasing a Holiday


• These are strictly Secondary Holiday Homes and are to be used for the enjoyment of Holiday

and Leisure purposes only.

• The Chalet’s are all leasehold, with approx 32 years left on the lease. When the lease expires

the agreement ceases so the chalet automatically reverts back to us the landlords at no cost.

• The site is open from March 1st – December 31st. You are not permitted to use the chalets

at anytime outside of this period

• Although they may be used at anytime during this period, the “Holiday Use Only” restriction

, forbids persons using them as their main home for the 10 months and seeking accommodation

elsewhere for the remaining 2 months

• In the event of a sale this office must give its consent to any transfer.

• Due to the “Holiday use only” restriction contained in the planning conditions this company will

not give its consent to any assignment unless the buyer can provide proof of primary home

ownership by way of utility bills. These Bills need to be supplied yearly and the necessary action

will be taken against any persons who sell their main house without purchasing another after

they have purchased a chalet at their own cost

• All purchasers must sign a consent form and permission slip for us to obtain a police/credit check

on the prospective purchaser.

• Any person who sells their main residence after they have purchased a chalet will be in breach

of planning and of their lease and the necessary legal action will be taken to rectify the breach.

All our costs will be payable by the chalet owner if these actions are to be instigated.

• There are many covenants contained in the lease which must be adhered to. You are not

allowed to sublet the chalet unless you appoint our office as the sole agent. We will take

15% commission on all rents received on the owners’ behalf. There is a provision contained

allowing us to gain forfeiture of the lease in the event of any breach.

• You are advised to obtain a copy of the lease from the seller of the chalet in order to read and

understand all the conditions contained. You will be responsible for all our costs if we have to

instigate proceedings to rectify any breach.

• Each Chalet has a patio area of approximately 6ft to the front and 2ft to the sides and back.

Although some chalets have extended their patios beyond this, these areas remain the property

of the landlord at all times. This company is no longer granting the permission for any future

extensions or the erection of boundary walls storage boxes etc

• This company will not accept any mail for new tenants. This should be sent to your home address

You may consider some of the above a little harsh but this Holiday Village was designed for persons

wishing to enjoy a peaceful haven in quiet holiday surroundings and not simply as a form of cheap

housing. This company looks forward to welcome any persons wishing to purchase a chalet to be

used in the mannerr intended who is happy to conform to the above terms and rules.

The Management Marconi Holiday Villages Ltd

Prices to Own a Chalet at Lavernock Point

2010 - 11

Site Maintenance * 755.92 Ground Rent 50.00 Water Rate 176.71 Insurance 194.25 Council Tax 550.45 Electric Standing Charge 61.35 Vat 151.77

Total £ 1940.45 * (This amount may vary according to size of chalet)

Consent Form

Chalet No …….. Lavernock Point Holiday Estate, Fort Road, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 5XQ

I ………………………………have read and understood all of the terms of the lease.

I am aware that the above is a leasehold holiday chalet and that when the lease expires it will revert back

to the landlords and I will lose all rights of entry.

I understand that it not allowed to be my domicile address and that it is strictly a holiday chalet on a

holiday estate for leisure and holiday use only and it must not be used at any time during January and

February each year and no more that 6 persons are permitted to use it at any time.

I also understand that it is not permitted to be used by anyone other than myself or my immediate family

unless I pay to the office commission at the rate of 25% of the brochure price whether I receive

payment or not in the event I allow any other person to use it

The bungalow is sold with a patio area measuring 6ft to the front and 2ft to the sides and back.

Although this patio may have been extended over the years all land encroached upon remains at

all times the property of the landlords and that the landlords reserve the right to reclaim any land

encroached upon at any time.

I understand that all the chalets must be in uniform and I will not alter the external structure,

erect decking or any storage boxes or garden sheds without written permission from the landlords.

I understand that the Estate Office will not be accepting mail on my behalf and that my domicile

address to where the Estate Office will be sending all correspondence and mail relating to Chalet No is:- ………………………………………………………………………………………………………



I enclose 2 copies of recent utility bills as proof of domicile address

Utility Bill 1………………………………Dated…………………………..

Utility Bill 2………………………………Dated………………………….


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Postcode: CF64 5XQ

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Contact Information

  • Marconi Holiday Village
  • Manager: Steve Goodlfellow
  • Telephone: 029 2070 7310
  • Address: Lavernock Point, Fort Road, Penarth, Glamorgan, CF64 5XQ