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Address: A38 Claypits, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3AL
Telephone: 01452 742362
Pitches: 100
Seasonal Pitches: Yes

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Postcode: GL10 3AL

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Married With Kids
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I am new to this caravan site but decided to go ahead and write our review for our very recent stay here as we like 1000's of others do, we always look at reviews before we book our time away.
Oh Dear Me :( :(

We arrived at Apple Tree Park at 3pm approx only to find office locked and a tel no. So i went back to car for my phone but before i could ring i was met by "a worse for wear swaying looking warden" ( yes i did say 3pm not 3am!) who asked in a slightly slurred voice for my name then gave me my pitch number before before wobbling back to "other" warden duties!

So off we went to set our caravan up in time for dinner but when we got to our pitch which was on grass and on the 2nd row down from the very full full field of crops which was nice for the children and the other was was a stunning view of fields etc,

So we started to unpack and get the caravan ready but we soon realised we were in for a long wait to eat dinner as the ground is on quite a big slope so trying to get level was a nightmare especially with 2 excited children eager to play.

We thought about going to ask the "merry warden" if we could move to a flatter pitch but looking around there was only a couple of empty spaces which was on the top row, but obviously all the perfectly flat pitches were taken so my wife said shall we go ask to go up there pointing at the ones on the top row but to our left but i looked and said no because looking at the height of the legs and the slant on the caravans nearby made me think we would have being jumping out of the frying pan into the fire which then wasn't helped when my son had a outburst of humour teased his younger sister say that if it rained a lot we may wake up to those poor caravans next to ours!!
So we decided that we would stay here and take our chance (or in my daughters case pray for no rain! ) rather than waste anymore time looking for another site as we were only going to be here for a few nights before we moved to the next leg of our tour.

so once my daughter's mind was eased by my wife in a unsure voice and a promise of a ice lolly we then cracked on and made the best of a bad job, but decided not to bother with the awning as didn't fancy eating or playing football with the pea's at the table on a slope,
we did manage to level it up quite a bit but the vibrations and the wobbly effect when any of us walked around inside was not a nice feeling at all but it it did make me & my wife have a little inside giggle when we thought about the merry warden every time the wobbles started lol!

The first evening calmed down and we settled the children into bed but then my son decided just before midnight that he needed the toilet for a no.2 which is a no go in our caravan so off we both went to the shower block which is in a exc condition and lovely & warm apart from it could have done with a bit of clean but that could have being due to the site being busy or possibly not cleaned more than once a day was superb.

All went well till on the way back my son took a fall on the uneven pathway which I feel was because there is no light on the paths or anywhere else in the park apart from the 2 lights on the front of the shower block, he had cut his knee quite bad bless him even though my daughter had a little giggle just to get her own back for earlier i think!

Looking around the next morning I noticed there are double pavement type lights dotted around but for some reason they were either turned off to save the environment or they are not working but either way it is quite dangerous especially with awnings and tent ties as a torch will only shine so far and also as a contentious parent I feel it's potentially unsafe for children of today's environment to have to walk around or to the bathroom in darkness.

Thankfully the rest of our stay went on with out any more mishaps and the weather was excellent,
I don't know if we will return even though we come this way every year, but the site has had new owners only a few months ago so maybe when the new owners have established the park further even if they only put more hardstanding pitches down and hopefully sorted out the outside lights then we may feel more likely to recommend this site and come back for another visit with our caravan friends even if its only to see the merry warden!

The major improvements to make this park stand up alongside the best are:-
1. Outside lighting.
2. Uneven Pitches needs attention for a more comfortable stay.
3. A lot more hardstanding pitches are needed if the owners want to be able to compete for the park to have higher than the 3*** ratings it has at the moment.
4. There is need for a children's play area and maybe ball games should be restricted to a empty space even if not large it would be safer and polite for other caravans and tents.
5. Laundry room or lack of.
It didn't affect us to much as we were lucky to be able to do ours at the next park we went to, but there are many other parks that seem to always have

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  • Apple Tree Park
  • Telephone: 01452 742362
  • Address: A38 Claypits, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3AL