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Postcode: LL18 4RS
Telephone: 07917 275781
Workshop Type: Mobile

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Postcode: LL18 4RS

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Stay well clear of this company. Rob is a nice guy but how his business is still going is beyond me.
His work and knowledge of vans is good but if you want someone to actually turn up or answer emails/text/calls don't bother.
4 missed appointments over the space of 12 months. So much of my time wasted but more crucially service dates missed.
I should have learnt after the first 2 excuses. Be warned!

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I was very pleased with his work when he did the service. But he found that the fridge door needed a new gasket. Many phone calls later with promises to return we are now nearing the end of April and I am still waiting. Now no-one answers the phone. I tried the mobile as directed only to find myself paying for an overseas call. This is really not acceptable for a business.

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Extremely poor customer service,continually had to chase him,over six months still not complete and now told he can't fit us in ,continues lies to cover why he couldn't make a planned visit ,from July 2015 his first lie was can't order your awning rail as coachman closed for two weeks Feb2016 told he can't fit us in before seasonal pitch time as he needs still to order awning rail and won't be here for two weeks ,wow ,only told us three or four times that you have already ordered it.So frustratingly disappointed my words just can't discribe my anger upset and pure anxiety Robbie Pierce has caused over our new van and now to boot we still remain with an unfinished poor quality repair.
Anyone wanting to do business with the caravan doc of Rhyl North Wales I would think hard first please anyone who wishes confirmation about my review please make contact as I have every text,pictures and all other corenspondece documented.
What a shame I have treated Robbie Pierce with nothing but curtesy and respect even made him teas and lunch.But if I'm honest I was worried if he went away for lunch he may not of returned.
So my caravan has overspray all over the front grease marks that won't come out awning rail patched up and a terrible repair
All because Robbie Pierce of The Caravan Doc Rhyl North Wales could not do the job that he said he could do.His words were it would look 99 percent

Please correct the mistakes below:

Rob does a superb job, that is good value for money.........the only problem seems to be in getting a reply from him, which is such a shame when his work is so good,

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  • The Caravan Doc
  • Telephone: 07917 275781
  • Address: 10 Madryn Avenue, Rhyl, Denbighshire, LL18 4RS
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