Peter Bowman Towing Centre Limited

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Postcode: BL9 0RH
Telephone: 01617 973000
Workshop Type: Fixed

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Postcode: BL9 0RH

  • Storage Site
  • Maintenance
  • Caravan Sites
  • Local Attraction
  • Cycle Route
  • Walking Route
  • Public Transport

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The service I received at Peter Bowman Trailers was ab-so-lutely atrocious! The two older gentleman behind the counter were dimissive, faectious and obnoxious. At one point one of them even told me I was talking b******ks! It turned out one of them was the manager!!!!

Ruined my day and made me wonder how they've been in business this long...

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  • Peter Bowman Towing Centre Limited
  • Telephone: 01617 973000
  • Address: 1 - 37 Mason Street, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0RH
  • Website: