Ian Gibbons Caravans

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Postcode: PL16 0JJ
Telephone: 07887 512107
Workshop Type: Mobile

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Postcode: PL16 0JJ

  • Storage Site
  • Maintenance
  • Caravan Sites
  • Local Attraction
  • Cycle Route
  • Walking Route
  • Public Transport

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Can not believe that Ian would not turn up when booked 12 months in advance and confirmed 2 weeks before. I would give no stars if it were allowed. I have 60 days to get another service booked before my warranty lapses. He has answered no messages from me and now 6 days later has made no contact at all. Avoid this man at all costs.

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  • Ian Gibbons Caravans
  • Telephone: 07887 512107
  • Address: Lakefield Rexon Cross, Broadwoodwidger, Devon, PL16 0JJ