Glossop Caravans Service Centre

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Postcode: SK13 2NX
Telephone: 01457 863232
Workshop Type: Fixed

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Postcode: SK13 2NX

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Terrible service and no resolution of problems!

I too have been on the receiving end of terrible service by Glossop Caravans.

My honest advice to anyone considering buying from them is to stay well away! I was supplied a brand new caravan full of faults, still not completely rectified approaching 6 months later.

More recently I have found evidence of dents to the new caravan roof. Glossop was aware of the damage having signed documents to this effect prior to my purchase (which I have since obtained). Having now presented these issues to them Glossop have continually failed to offer any resolution.

I will be filing detailed reports and correspondence in due course: suffice to say be careful if you're considering both Glossop Caravans or an Elddis/ Buccaneer. I've had a nightmare! Now looking forward to a protracted legal case dragging Glossop Caravans through the courts.

You have been warned!

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  • Glossop Caravans Service Centre
  • Telephone: 01457 863232
  • Address: Woolley Bridge Road, Brookfield, Derbyshire, SK13 2NX
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