Caravans By Active Leisure Ltd

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Postcode: ST2 7EF
Telephone: 01782 538853
Workshop Type: Fixed

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Postcode: ST2 7EF

  • Storage Site
  • Maintenance
  • Caravan Sites
  • Local Attraction
  • Cycle Route
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Serviced and the work done was rubbish. Things went missing. Battery was flat for the 2nd time two years running. Van was damaged. Awning rail cap was left off and we only found out 6 months later when we were putting up the awning and it was ton by the sharp uncovered edge .Untrustworthy. I have also heard other people say bad things about them. Do not take a chance ...go elsewhere

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  • Caravans By Active Leisure Ltd
  • Telephone: 01782 538853
  • Address: Leek New Road, Milton, Staffordshire, ST2 7EF
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