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Posted: 10 months ago
what do you think-can I go to the beach in it?
would he be all right and on the sand

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Posted: 3 months ago
It is tough to guess the name or model of the vehicle via this image. Isn't it a better idea if you share a complete image or mention its name here? However, if I share my experience, then I purchased a Nissan towing vehicle last month from here and prefer to go with a low tyre pressure while towing on the sand. You can go with 15 to 22 PSI according to your towing weight.

Similarly, you shouldn't forget to keep 12-volt air compressor and tyre pressure gauge with you and better to reinflate your tyres before going back to roads. The use of underbody oily spray could also be a good option to get rid of salt corrosion which happens due to salty water or sand. By following this kind of suggestions, you can use any towing vehicle which has enough capacity to tow.

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