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Hyundai xi35 clutch

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Posted: 7 years ago
We have had problems with a burning smell when we back the caravan on to hard pitches.we were told be other people this is a trait off the car,(Hyundai xi35).we have had the brakes and all the brake system stripped and checked on the caravan.Thay are all within spec.the caravan is only 1268kg ,we only take clothes and other light items when we are traveling,The car (xi35) is now in the garage with the clutch slipping.the car is only 1.5years any off you have the same problem when you are reversing with this car(Hyundai xi35)
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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
My brother in law who had a Ford Focus used to stink out the caravan site by the time he reversed his van onto a pitch. We were told it was the way he used the clutch not so much the make of the car. Never had a problem with the CRV but I have now changed that for a IX35 2ltr 4 wheel drive.
Kattubby you never mention the model of your Ix35.