A unique site, something totally different!

Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 8 years ago
We are a Camping and Caravan Club Certificated Site
( although you will be welcome as a none member for your first visit)

We are a small certificated site, as a 'Hidaway Site' we are only allowed
5 caravans.

Small however is beautiful, and we are able to give all our visitors a suppotive, friendly and warm welcome. We have a pretty smallholding with animals and home grown produce focussing on sustainabilty.

The site has amazing views to the south, featuring hills towards the Wrekin and if you like a peaceful, quiet and idylic setting then this is the site you have been looking for.

We have been open for 3 years and everyone says they have enjoyed their stay. Our facilities are basic, there is a cold water basin, toilets and elsan disposal. We do not have on line electric although we will help to recharge batteries if necessary.

So what is unique?
I am a craftaholic and I am able to tutor in arange of crafting skills. Our visitors are encouraged to share their crafts (bring them along!). As an ex teacher I will encourage and help you to get yourselves and your kids active!!
Leave your computers and TV's at home. I am a camper of the old school and here we encourage campfires, singalongs, wildlife watch, painting, weaving ( with natural stuff ) knitting, wax rubbing and much much more.
Believe me you will never be board.

We are a working smallholding too and the atmosphere is buzzing!
Not just with bees, with chickens, piglets, and our own three house cows.
Buttercup is a Jersey and her calf Daisy is an Angus. Ruby our latest Red Poll cow will give another calf next year. We collect our hay by hand at the end of the year pulling the cart with Phils old Fergie.

We have a site area which Phil keeps cut like his prize lawn and down the land there is a hide overlooking two ponds. The latest one we dug out this year and it has already attracted dragonflies and swallows and is the perfect place to sit and contemplate peacefully.

Watch out next year for our Water Colour Rambles, the Knit In Circle weekend or the Folk weekend or whatever, we can oblige and that is our aim.....

Roz and Phil Hill
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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
Are you allowed to have non-members for your firsit with the C&CC? We aren't allowed this with our CL with the CC.
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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
Where is your site? Unless I missed something in your post, you do not say.