Stolen caravan in news article that police say cannot be returned to owner

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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
I read the above article both in the Daily Mail and replicated on this website under 'News'. The police are claiming that they cannot reclaim the item. This Q&A given below contradicts that statement. Perhaps the owners ought to take further legal advice?

QUESTION: Who is liable when you purchase stolen goods?
I purchased a collection of antiques in november from an antiques fair, which I paid the market value for. I then went on to sell them for a small profit on ebay. I have recently been contacted by the police who informed me that the items I sold where in fact stolen a year ago, which I had no knowledge of. The police asked if I knew who I purchased the items from, but as I paid for the items cash at an antiques fair I have no knowledge of the person, of whom I bought the items from.

so in question, can the items I sold on ebay be seized from the end purchaser?
Also, who is liable for the stolen goods if I do not know who I purchased them from?
And finally, will I have to paid back the money on the goods, or will the end purchaser I sold them to on ebay be liable for payment/loss of money?

Additional Details
Thankyou for answers, I would like to say I did buy the items in good faith and paid a reasonable price, so did not think to question it, I know for the future to be more careful when purchasing items for antiques fairs. I just wanted to know who would be out of pocket, which it looks like it will be me. At least the people who purchased the items from me on ebay will not be ripped off aswell. lesson learned.
1 year ago

Yes, they can be seized from the person who bought them and you'd have to pay them back. You could even be charged with selling stolen goods, even though you didn't know they were stolen when you purchased them. That's one of the risks you take when you buy from people you don't know. It's called due diligence.