schaudt electronic management control

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Posted: 7 years ago
HI folks andbody now where I can get a printed circuit made up. the battery charging circuit board has blown on my management control (zig unit). Everything else is working taps lights battery condition pump frig all 12volt. but it wont charge battery. I have put in a temporay rac charger like those from Lidle which is working great. I have been in touch with a company in Wales who want £320 plus my unit in part ex for a inferior reconditioned unit. Mine is the 108 model which will handle mains, solar ,genie car source and either gel or acid batteries I would prefer not to change the whole unit to another brand as there would be a lot of rewiring and reconnecting to carry out. to replace the board there is only five wires involved which can be soldered if the board comes with connecting wires or terminals