Geocaching what is it ?....... give it a go.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
How is the game played?

At its simplest level, geocaching requires these 8 steps:
1.Register for a free Basic Membership.@
2.Visit the "Hide & Seek a Cache" page.
3.Enter your postal code and click "search."
4.Choose any geocache from the list and click on its name.
5.Enter the coordinates of the geocache into your GPS Device.
6.Use your GPS device to assist you in finding the hidden geocache.
7.Sign the logbook and return the geocache to its original location.
8.Share your geocaching stories and photos online.

What do I need to go geocaching?

The only necessities are a GPS device or a GPS-enabled mobile phone so that you can navigate to the cache, and a Membership.

in short its treasure hunting for adults, I have been geocaching in the UK and while on holidays all over the world, its great fun, you get some exercise and visit some places that you probably wouldn't be aware of while your away... So next time you going away why not give it a try its great fun.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Colombus is a great app for that. They can be very very well hidden. You could be looking for a false nut on a bridge.some people have gone to extreme lengths to make them hard to find. I say dive in and give it a try . Couldn't find the first one I tried but the second was successful. It can make a walk more interesting and be just the thing to get you out on the move. They are everywhere.
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Posted: 7 years ago
not used that as it appears to be for Andriod phones but there are loads of free apps out there... I use the offical geocache app which I did buy but on an iphone is brill.