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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi Di Hi campers anbody ever troubled with earwigs in the van. Year before last we wear snooing with them they where every where.Lucky we use snap lids for all none fridge food stuffs. we use those solar lights around van to ensure no one trips over our gear waste water barrel guide ropes etc. The females had crawled through the drain holes in the lights under the reflectors and laid thousands of eggs then died. I put the lights in the front locker when they hatched they found a way into the van. Now I remove the solar top and blow out battery compartment. The rest I rinse in a solution of Borax and shake dry reassemble and put in locker You or I cannot smell the Borax but earwigs wont go near it. The boss washed the entire inside of the van with it and I did all the lockers same time even external lights. WE have never seen one since but the boss takes bedding outside every single night and shakes it just to make sure It seems they start to look for egg laying places from about start of September depends on weather I believe.I have found them under the water barrel cap securing ring when going to fill the aqua-roll . Iwill wash outer of barrels with Borax solution see if it gets rid but think any rain will wash away watch this post will report back