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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi De Hi campers anbody have trouble on this web site last night. Certain posts I tried to open took ages and then I got message sorry page failed to open or timed out.
I checked everything my end and with my broadband provider we were both OK I tried again this afternoon and it seamed to work a bit better but was not perfect. ??????????????????
Well I am off @ 6-00 tomorrow morning to the wilds of Yorkshire for the start of the season sorry I meant Wolds. I heard that "thank God for that I heard someone say" we can now get a word in edgeways the Sandgrounders gone away. But you could always have you say all you had to do was use your mouse and keyboard and type what ever you wanted to say anyway. See you all when I get back Anybody found Ozzie yet. Cheers for now SANDGROUNDER