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awning rail fitting

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Posted: 6 years ago
Does anyone have any advice on fitting a front awning rail to a Bailey Arizona. Main question is having removed old rail do I need to put mastic tape below the fold over of the roof as well as inside the new rail?
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Posted: 6 years ago
yes or use masking gun fill screw holes as well. After tightening down you can use plastic scrapper to remove surplus then clean with white spirit/turps if any screws dont bite use next size up but same length its worth buying stainless steel screws. I used the grey none hardening sealer with s/s screws on a friends van after it had been done by a dealer and still leaked slightly. He was lucky the timber frame had not rotted just needed drying out and treated. go on net and type in caravan sealants (cannot remember name) But there is company in Hull that makes the stuff and is about £3 cheaper per tube than local caravan shop. If I remember rightly if you buy two tubes they come postage free. The surplus is always handy to have in if you get a dent in the van cover with a reflector about £1.99 smear back with sealent then screw to van covering dent.