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Posted: 7 years ago
I was thinking the other day, since we've had our new caravan, nearly a year, we have spent two nights in it in the UK and about forty nights in it in France. If it had been for the New Engines in the Transit saga (the clue is in in the plural version of the noun 'engine') then we would have probably brought that up to about 70 nights t'other side of the ditch.

Storing the caravan costs us about £1500 a year. Granted we could do it cheaper, but we have a storage pitch you could land a Harrier on with electricity and its a Cassoa gold site and the owners do invest a lot back. Even so fifteen, hundred quid is fifteen hundred quid.

I was looking up Eurotunnel fares the other day and, if I book now, it will cost me £70 each way to take the caravan. Yes, I know I take up a whole carriage, but if I took our little camping trailer it would still cost £70. And the dog says we can't go by ferry.

A bit of research and I found a storage facility in France. It's about a hundred miles from Calais and near a site we know. Caravans are stored under cover and they only need a few hours notice to get the caravan out.

We got on the phone - actually, 'we' didn't, my wife did, I cannot speak French - to enquire about price.

There was a lot of infernal moise as pleasanteries were exchanged and enquiries made of the well-being of all family members until I started to get a bit bored.

"Just find out how much," I said.

Yabber yabber yabber.

"300 Euros," says she.

That's 3,600 Euros a year thats £3,000 that means we could cross the Channel an awful lot, so no deal.

"What's the problem," says she, seeing my face.

"Too expensive."

"What £250 per year, I think that's very good."

Gulp. "Per year?"

So, I have a few jobs still to do on the caravan that might prove awkward in 14 feet of snow, but come early April we are off to la Belle France and the caravan ain't coming back.

Where we are leaving it is a comfortable day's drive from home and the camp site we know is about twenty minutes away. Once there we can transfer some of the bits between van and caravan and then either have a short break in northern France or head for sunnier climes. And if we cross over twice a year then the Eurotunnel savings will pay for the storage.

The other major saving, apparently, will come about because I won't be able to work on the thing and that always seems to cost money. I'm just relaying that one and I'm not convinced, but hey ho.

Now, this won't suit everybody, but if the constant patter of rain on aluminium isn't your favourite Summer sound, then it might be worth considering.

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Posted: 7 years ago
That sounds like alot for storing here however good the site!?!?! & very good in France, but as you say there are places here where you wouldn't be paying a lot more than that.
I have been looking at ferry crossings for early July & with CC it is £72 return! that sounds like a good deal to me for that time of year? why can't you dothe ferry?
The problem I see with your plan is if we get a good summer & you fancy a weekend away at short notice close to home your vans nott here!!
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Posted: 7 years ago
I think it's a lot too Billy, a small pitch for a two berth caravan is about £400 a year, but there are only a few of the very long pitches and they can charge a premium.

I woud use the ferry, but for our very highly strung spaniel who would be climbing the walls left on the car deck. So that leaves the Tunnel.

I agree about the weekends in theory, but last year we found that it rained from Eater weekend until, well, the day before yesterday and we are fair weather caravanners. Long term, I might even look at something lie a Freedom to keep here, but I'll see how the weather goes.

On the other hand, we are retired so the weekends aren't that critical and we could instead go for a short week to Normandy or Brittany at a reduced cost.

This is very much something that simply will not suit most people, but it seems to fit with our plans for now. If things change we might look at bringing the caravan home, taking it to the south of France or somewhere else altogether.

One other interesting point, I'll be re insuring the caravan over there and it looks like we can get that cheaper than here. So, so far so good.