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New member but not a clue about motor home holidays

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hello to all.
My wife and I have decided to buy a used motor home and venture across Europe for a year.
We normally dive in before we feel the water and this adventure is no different.
Would love to see a generic guidance on first hand maintenance and we simply haven't a clue as to how we obtain information of camp sites and booking arrangements / fees etc.
We have a budget to purchase a used 4 berth motor home but once again we don't know the most popular / comfortable , economical etc.
Can anybody suggest a book that covers these areas or offer a very ignorant person some good advice please. Regards and thanks - RBRM
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Posted: 6 years ago
Have a look at Vicarious Books website. They have a whole range of books available for both caravanner and motorhomer.
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Posted: 6 years ago
Hi rbrm. If you haven't already 'jumped in' I would suggest you hire a van for a week before deciding what sort of layout suits you best. We have had several motorhomes over the years and only when you live in it can you tell whether it is what you really need. If you are going abroad for a year you will probably want something with a decent sized 'garage' to store all your stuff. There are several models with garages below a raised double bed which makes the best use of space. Also, if you are spending most of the time in Europe you may find it worth while looking at left hand drive vans. It is so much easier with a LHD on motorways (to pay the tolls) and generally for overtaking. Anyway, hope you get sorted and have a great time.....