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Calorlite problem.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi all, I always have a spare gas bottle in the drawbar locker. We use the van a lot and almost exclusively on pitches with electric hookups. This meant that when changing over bottles recently, the spare (full) Calorlite bottle had been in the locker for about a year. The problem that presented was this: The gauge on the new bottle broke off with just the gentlest of touches. Examination proved that the gauge is held to the bottle by a metal pin and this pin had rusted through. Since purchase the bottle had been stored undercover.
The dealer who sold me the bottle said the Calor had told them to test the bottle and if safe when pressure tested to then return it to me. I was not happy with this and the dealer (reluctantly) changed the bottle for a new one saying they would use it in their workshop as it was safe and Calor would not change it.
Any thoughts?
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Posted: 7 years ago
not sure exactly how it works but don't think any gas goes in the gauge itself so i am sure it was safe?? as these cylinders have to be stored outside when at dealers I am sure if there is a problem with rusting then Calor will know about it already? at least they changed it for you.