Belling XOU60 LPG

Posted: 8 years ago
I recently bought a used static caravan, really enjoying it with our grandchildren, I have a problem with our belling oven, when it is on there seems to be a lot of heat being lost out the top of the glass door,and on close inspection found that the door seal does not go all the way round the door, there seems to be a 4inch gap in the seal at the top, this seems to be part of the design as the groove for the seal seems to stop where the gap in the seal is, is this correct as , as the heat loss is quite considerable, any comment would be most welcome, Thanks, Douglas Cruden.
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Posted: 8 years ago
Evening Douglas, just found a review on, someone has stated that the oven loses a lot of heat when using the oven so it appears that it' s a quirk of the model. Not sure if this answers your query.. Ozzy