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Posted: 8 years ago
I have had trailer tents for about six years, but they were getting abit onerous to put up and take down so we decided to upgrade to a Caravan. Sold the Trailer tents One was a 1977 Conway in bright (Faded) orange which a rebuilt from the wheels up, it was a freebie but I spent over £400 refurbishing it, not worth it, but I got enjoyment out of it and knew that it was all my own work when we firsat went away in it.
The other was a larger Cabnnon Galaxy. got just over £1,000 for both. we wanted a cheap Caravan so we could try out this towing of a metal can behind the car (2003 Shogun 3.2 DDI LWB so we could get anything on the road) I saw a tidy looking ABI Jubilee Ambassador advertised as early 90s in good condition and the seller repeatedly said it was dry. so paid £1300 for this van and went to Devon to collect. Looked around it smelt dry and looked good, just needed cleaning up on the outside. When reading the supplied instruction manuals much later I spotted that the water heater had been fitted June 1990 so my van is either 90 or 91.
we stayed in it for two stormy nights locally and decided it was OK. once we got home and took the front curtains out to clean we discovered damp in the lower nearside corner, which after I cursed the seller I set about 1`stripping it out and replacing or fixing the rotted wood. re placed the wall board and recovered with Fablon which almost matches. then I found the wood bove the front window frame was soft, stripped this out across the whole width of the single front window and replaced the wood etc, tidied up by replacing the front fablon completely.
more rot found in the wood under the battery box all replaced and re mounted the battery box, cleaned up the rust from the battery holder and fitted a new 110a battery.
while cleaning I spotted the cross strip on the roof had lifted, checked this out inside and found lots of water but no rot, removed the insulation which was like a wet sponge, refitted the cross strip both sides and sealed down using Silk flex. while I had the ceiling down I ran a couple of wires through for a high level brake light. I also fitted two extra 12v spotlight reading lamps over the rear seat cluster. Replaced the kitchen taps as the Cold tap stopped switching on, then while on our first proper trip the hot tap on the show would not turn off, so replaced that as well. Re wired the rear lights from the front socket right through aftera fault developed and we could not find the problem, I had also replaced the socket on the car twice for the same reason. (now all working) Replaced both tyres as I thhey were at end of sell by date, also replaced the pneumatic jockey wheel as the tyre was rotten. we also had an issue with the main roof light in the 'kitchen' whioelk away the handle came off, had a couple of goes at a quick repair but it would not stick so left it for a later date. Did not realise that when it had come off it had left two holes where the fixings pass through the skyl;ight. Opened the van up last weekend and found it was flooded, (OK not flooded just soaking wet) so after cursing again, I removed the skylight from the frame and managed to refit using roof bolts and sealant strip and acouple of drilled holes, I removed and refitted the second handle before that fell off as well. Still to replace the rear panel where it has been crunched and not repaired well (about £350 new) It came with a 'free' full size awning which had been put away damp so had some faint mould issues. I Fabsiled it (5 ltrs of Fabsil) and then had a spray can on mntop for any bits we had missed.(there were 3 we found in another stormy night in Cornwall, don't apply Fabsil when it is wet, it makes it worse!) I now have a Caravan that IS dry and ready to go for a short break in Cirencester at the beginning of November. Looking at the state of the cold water pipes they will need replacing, before we go away again I am goiung to double dose the Milton into the cold water system (after removing the filter) and allow it to set. but all drinking water will need boling or resort to only drinking beer or wine. There is Black growth on the inside of the pipes. Happy days...