Motormover, read the manual and avoid my mistakes.

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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
I want to pass on a couple of basic errors that I have made with my motor mover.
1st: When moving the van once and the battery ran out of juice, I plugged the van into the mains so that the 240v would supply juice to the battery. Everything was hunky dory and the van was on its new pitch in no time. There were no problems (this was 2 years ago). However, on reading the manual to look for a troubleshooting guide I discovered that this is not recommended as it can cause big problems with the charging unit. It seems I've been lucky.
2nd: Recently I failed to get the mover to work, I was cold, tired and didn't think things through. It transpired that the battery in the remote had failed and I didn't recognise the signals it was giving. Furthermore I didn't have the correct spare battery, a 9 volt DC PP3; neither did I have the tiny watchmakers screwdriver needed to remove the battery cover.
3rd: Even if I had realised all the above, I still could have used the umbilical cable plugged directly from the handset to the van. I didn't know I had one even and if I had i wouldn't have known what it was forthis was possible.
Moral: Read the manual, all of it, I know that men are not genetically programmed to do this but do it anyway.