Help with power to Sterling Europa 500 (2005)

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Posted: 8 years ago
Hi a simple question which I'm sure someone will bounce straight back at me.

I have just purchased out 1st van, a 2005 Sterling Europa 500 which is in excellent condition and after taking a towing course we're off in this weekend.

I've been setting things up on the drive and have a query with regard to the ECM Module which has an ESM4 below it.

There is a rocket switch on the ECM that can be in Car (top) Middle or Bottom (Van).

The owners handbook only mentions the "Caravan" and "Central" position.

What position does it need to be in when hooked up to mains supply?

I understand it needs to be in "Van" (caravan) whilst towing as this will supply the fridge with 12v and the car position is if the caravan battery fails.

If anyone can anseer this it would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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Posted: 8 years ago
i would have thought van position ,as this ensures that your battery is topped up via the mains ,the car position is purely for towing power to fridge and battery .the middle position is everything off .thats how it works on mine anyway
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Posted: 8 years ago
just re-read your post i'll explain in more depth
the car position is purely for towing and the power to your battery charger and fridge will come via your grey hook up lead ,only whilst car is running .
the middle position in most cases is totally off

the bottom van position is for when your hooked up at home or on site as it provides your mains and your battery charger for 12v power .

one word of warning as i see so many people doing it is when hooking up to mains either at home or on site ALWAYS uncoil your mains lead completely ,never ever leave it coiled up as this creates a induction loop which can catch fire ,as my friend 5 houses down found out when his van burnt down in his drive .!!!!!!
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Posted: 8 years ago
Evening Paul, agree totally with Blackfox, Car position when towing to supply power to battery/fridge via grey lead & van position when on mains, when unhooked (ie in storage or not being used) put the switch in the middle position or you may find that the battery will flatten as seems quite common with a lot of vans (had this trouble myself on a swift some years ago)
Enjoy your new van...
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Posted: 8 years ago
I disagree. I was advised that the car position is for use on site to run the van off the car battery and that the central position is off, for towing, if you want the fridge to run off the car when towing the switch should be in "van" position.
The following words are not mine; they have been cut and pasted from the towing code in the Swift manual (downloadable) it states that before towing you should ensure: "12v distribution panel selector switch is set to the van position."
In the chapter on the ECM, the following is printed:
When in this position 12v DC power is available from the caravan battery to power all 12v circuits. If the charger is switched ON the caravan battery will be charged up by the charger / transformer unit.
When in this position with the charger switch ON, power is provided to all 12v circuits via the charger / transformer only. With the charger off all 12v DC circuits are isolated.
The switch can be placed in this position should the caravan battery become discharged and a 230v supply is not available. First of all the towing vehicle should be electrically connected with the caravan via the 12S connector. Care is needed to avoid discharging the battery in the tow vehicle to an extent that the engine cannot be started.
Please note that when towing and using the 12v element of the fridge, correct positioning of the car/van selector switch may be required – see details in the ‘Towing Code’ section of this handbook.
WARNING: The fridge will only operate in transit when the 12V distribution panel selector switch is in the 'VAN' position.