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Disabled access.

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Posted: 7 years ago
Just some info if anyone is considering wheelchair access for a caravan. My son is in a wheelchair and so lifting in and out of a caravan became difficult. We tried camping but dealing with him while kneeling on the floor became a pain too. I decided it must be possible to convert a caravan for wheelchair access.
i got a 4 berth ABI with rear washroom, with the toilet/shower in the opposite corner from the door. The partition was removed and wardrobe cupboards beside the door cut back. I cut a hole for the required door size and found this company who make one of doors to any size. They are based in castleford and are very helpful.
The door was around £250 and comes ready mounted in its frame with double security locks and is very sturdy but light. It slotted in perfectly, screwed and sealed. A 5 foot disabled ramp off ebay and a custom bracket below the door means we can now wheel our son in and out easily and have room inside for him to be sat at the table.
Hope this helps someone having the same issues.
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Please correct the mistakes below:
Posted: 7 years ago
thats good to know ,and will be very helpfull to a lot of people i,m sure