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Cheap WiFi

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Posted: 3 years ago
WiFi drives me bonkers when I'm travelling - it either costs a fortune or doesn't work. Now, I've just read this: "Caravan Club Wi-Fi prices start at £5 for five hours, but the more you use the cheaper it gets, with 20 hours charged at just £15 and 100 hours priced at £40."

This might seem pretty reasonable but compared to the price of WiFi elsewhere, it's huge. For example, you could buy yourself the 3G Dongle MiFi ( and use your own existing dongle to access wireless internet for the same price and save yourself a fortune on future holidays!
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Posted: 3 years ago
Guess it all depends on how much you use and whether you are on a monthly contract on mobile phone as most offer internet usage as part of the package also you can configure a lot of mobile phones to become a portable 'wifi' hotspot to enable you to use a laptop/notebook etc while away avoiding extar expense. Not sure how wide the coverage is for Wifi with the CC as there are quite a few moans about it.
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Posted: 2 years ago
I was lucky enough to get a vodafone dongle, online from tesco site. Not sure if they are still available mind you. It has been about 18 months ago - no contract, we get 30 hours for £15. We use it daily when we are away. But, as stated, it does depend on the time you use, and the type of usage - also getting a decent signal. But it suits us for our needs. We are able to check email, hubby checks his ebay account, and I sneak in a game of Bingo !! I think the initail cost was about 35, but included £15 usage.