Winter Caravanning

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Posted: 6 years ago
How many of us use our vans all year round and how do we stop the water from freezing?

We are on a seasonal pitch with a water tap and drain. This is our 2nd year on this pitch and to date we have never frozen up!

A simple way to lag the water barrel is to purchase water tank lagging (About £6 from Wicks) We wrap the lagging around the barrel held on by 'bungee'' straps and put the barrel in a large bag ensuring there is also lagging at the base of the bag for the barrel to stand on.

For the tap water we also wrap the lagging around the tap post ensuring it is well covered, again held by straps, the hose is covered in pipe insulation which is also inexpensive.

The whole kit was around £20 and well worth the effort and can be used again the next year.

I have put a picture of the set up below.

How you stop the big freeze?

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Posted: 6 years ago
I have a jacket for mine but I also put a foam square under it.
I also have an old down jacket I can put on it as well.
I also take the pump off at night and remove the filter.
To date I have not had a problem taking the above measures.