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Posted: 7 years ago

Many ex-pats caravan owners often wonder want to take their UK caravan with them when they move abroad. Especially if the destination is “downunder”, it is easy and convenient to have your own caravan shipped there, and here’s why:

- Caravans are much cheaper here in the UK with a better build finish
- You can recover 20% VAT on the price of the vehicle if eligible
- It is cheaper to import your personal caravan and most likely will be worth more money at destination

However, it is not the easiest thing to do by yourself. is the only specialist company that helps you in every step of the process. First of all, when you decide to ship your caravan, you can choose either to deliver it by yourself in our depot in Felixstowe or to ask us to arrange a collection for you.
Once the caravan is safe and sound in our warehouse,’s team takes great care in checking every detail to ensure your caravan is in perfect condition. You don’t want to have your caravan stuck at the NZ or Australian borders because it does not comply with their strict regulations, do you? can assist you in this procedure so you can avoid any unnecessary delays.

You can check pictures of your caravan anytime by simply logging in into our website, for your own peace on mind. There, you can also track the vessel that transports your caravan and see how long you have to wait to finally get your caravan at destination. From Felixstowe to Auckland, it generally takes 38 days, which is pretty good for the standards. And to Australia, we are proud to deliver your caravan in 44 days.

Once at destination, our partners take care that your caravan passes all the tests and requirements (including custom clearance, bio-security inspections and local compliance procedures). You can then collect your caravan from our warehouse or have it delivered to your door step.

Here’s where you find all the bits of information you need about shipping your caravan: Feel free to live chat with us, or even share your own experience.