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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi Folks,
Just like to say hi to all that were on the the Caravan Owners Club stand at the NEC It was nice to see faces to the people behind this web site.
Whilst walking around the the show I must admit the if one caravan manufacture has a new design all the rest appear to follow suit without any individuality. As we were looking at 'vans that had 2 independent made up beds in the rear they ALL had windows beside the beds. Nothing wrong with that you may think but why, when you retire to bed you draw the blinds before undressing and putting your jim-jams on [well I suppose some people don't do either] and then in the morning you get dressed, open the blinds and retire to the living area and very rarely venture in there again. Generally there is a roof light in there to let the daylight in so why windows beside the beds??? Caravan manufactures take note, can we have a bedroom without windows or at the very least put them up at high level so nobody can see your dirty washing.
Rant over
Mike & the Wife
P.S. The grandchildren loved the sweeties!
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Posted: 7 years ago
Twin singles is something we were looking at too. I take the point about privacy, but we thought one of the advantages of the layout over fixed double was that the 'bedroom' is a usable space in the daytime and is like an extension to the seating area at the front.
Just our thought, no chance of getting one until they appear on the used market in a few years time.
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Posted: 7 years ago
I agree having a windows by the bed is not necessary I catch the edge of the blind quite a lot with my leg when in bed.
and when you think about it the bedroom window in most houses is not right by the bed.
It is also quite evident that from 1 range to another by most manufacturers have identical layouts with different trims.
Maybe we need a manufacturer who has a choice of layouts that we as the customer can tweak to our requirements (dream on).
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Posted: 7 years ago
I don't mind the windows near the beds. But want I am not keen on is that most manufacturers are now fitting ordinary windows to the wash rooms and toilets instead of the obscured windows now that's frightening to fellow caravaner's on the site if you forget to pull down the blinds before you have a shower or going to the toilet.