The Caravan Show

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Posted: 7 years ago
After all the hype about the 2014 models we went to see them on the caravan club day.
There were some superb new colour schemes and some classy looking models but as we all know beauty is only skin deep.
Maybe I am too critical, when I worked for TVR show models we finished to a high standard, so I expect the same in caravans.
As We looked at the new models we were surprised how many had not been cleaned correctly, production debris in cupboards.
Trim panels that had gaps between where the met was panels.
Exterior panels that had excessive amounts of sealant, and some where the sealant was lacking.
Why don't the manufactures have a person who's job it is the check the finished product?
In most industries this is standard procedure.
If any company needs someone to do this I am available.