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Posted: 7 years ago
looking for some advice new to this site so not sure if anyone will be able to help but thought id try , i purchased new static caravan 2011 oct booked a gas safty test this year may 2013 was told by gas man gas bottles were not in good position under my bedroom window which is fire exit he moved them to back of van i was then hit with a bill from site for moving the said bottles to the sum of 237.00 which i am refusing to pay as it was the park owners who sited the van and not me as i dont know anything about were gas bottles should be placed or not , they are now trying to tell me that the law changed on the siting of these bottles in 2012 so resposibility was down to me to have them moved but i was never told at the time of these new laws and had i not booked my gas safty check then i wouldnt have been any wiser , any feed back on my situation would be good if any members can help me id love to hear it . thank you
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Posted: 7 years ago
Whilst I am no expert, my thought on this is when purchasing the van did you have to sign an agreement with the site owner? and if you did were there any clauses relating to gas? Was there any referral to British Standards 5482 - 'LPG installations shall conform to British Standard 5482, “Code of Practice for domestic butane and propane gas burning installations, Part 2 : 1977 Installations in Caravans and non-permanent dwellings”. A quick call to Citizens Advice may assist further....