Static Van Floatation System Problem

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Posted: 7 years ago
My name is Bev and I have a Bluebird Static van right next to the river at Evesham. We lost a van to floods and now have to have floats on our van to get any insurance. Earlier this year, our van floated 3 times during floods, but didn't float level, and was damaged as it went down as it scrpaed down the side of the electricity unit. The float system was installed by Marche Industries, who have blamed the site owners for not fitting a waste pipe properly, and the owners say they are not to blame and that it's Marche's fault. I am getting nowhere. Does anyone know of another company that fit floats to caravans? Or anyone that could do an independent survey of the floats? I am about to pay to get the van fixed, and I'm worried that the same thing will happen again if I can't find out what happened!!
Thanks in advance for any help.
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Posted: 7 years ago
Hi Bev,
I assume that the van is connected by solid pipes that will not allow much movement.
If this is the case the company that fitted the floats should have checked and advised you it would be a problem.
If you were not told this then they were negligent in their duty to you as there are flexible pipes available for all of the applications.
I would advise you get legal advice ASAP.