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Awning poles

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Posted: 6 years ago
Just arrived back from a 2 week break in Cornwall. 1st time we had used our Quest awning spent a lot of the time retensioning the poles. The friction locks are just not up to holding the weight of the awning. Has anybody else had this problem & found a solution?
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Posted: 6 years ago
Yes indeed we have. The friction locks on these awning are just useless. We went to Spain last year. We have a full Quest awning and it was the second time we had used it. I spent a lot of time trying to retension them because the awning kept going loose. I then resorted to putting black plastic stick tape round them in an effort to keep them in place. Went to bed one night when it was raining and heard a terriffic bang at 2am. the awning roof had filled with water and the whole awning had collapsed and all the poles bent (one at right angles). So had to take it down and could not use it. I contacted Quest and all they would do was replace the friction locks and the 6 bent poles (this was after a lot of argument) and charged me £40 for the postage.
We decided to buy a new smaller awning but not a Quest and we will never buy a Quest again. Don't buy these awnings with Plastic friction locks.
We will not be using the Quest awning again so its £1000 down the drain. I could sell it but would not want to put have anyone else have this problem. Oh yes the poles scratched and dented the caravan big time.