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Spare parts for older caravans

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Posted: 4 years ago
3 years ago as we were traveling over the Ouse Bridge on the M62 I heard a bang.
It was raining and quite windy. I then noticed that my front locker lid had blown off.
I pulled onto the hard shoulder to see if any damage had been caused to our van and any other road user. A police car stopped and asked me what was up. I told them and the told me to pull into Glews garage and wait for them. 30 minutes later they said they had found it but it. Was in a 1000 pieces on the central reservation.
As the van was 15 years old there was no chance of a new one (Avondale had gone out of business.)
We found a firm called Caravan Panels in Preston. They have mounds for all sorts of caravan parts. Brilliant, look them up if you need fronts, backs or things like shower trays they can most probably supply you with what you need.