Should I Use My Caravan & Towing Vehicles for Rentals Business?

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Posted: 28 days ago

Recently, I met with a very genius group of students who are dealing in party rentals business and with their unique ideas and work, clients are pleased with these guys. However, they offered me to give my caravan for party rentals, and they would pay me a fair amount. Do you think it would be the right idea because I wouldn't be aware of how they are going to use my vehicle?

On the other hand, when I talked with my husband, he suggested me to start my own caravan rentals business and in this way, I would take better care and idea how my caravan is being treated. According to him, rental software like this made this business very easy for everyone, and even we can operate it from home. Do you think we can get enough money from this business? Indeed, due to Covid-19, we are not using our caravan a lot but mayhap, some couples or others would like to use our caravan in other ways? Yes, with caravans, we can also offer towing vehicles for rentals and can get money.

What do you think in this regard and also want kind of insurance would we need in this regard? Do you think we should consider Breakdown Cover from here for unlimited call-outs? To avoid any repair and damage issues, I would need quick assistance for towing vehicles and caravan as well.

I would be grateful if you share quality ideas.

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