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Posted: 7 years ago
During the summer months I follow my hobby, as my user name says it all, I build and fly model aircraft, and no they are not toys, we are governed by the Civil Aviation Authority who class what we fly as small aircraft. These models are made from all sorts of materials foam, balsawood plastic, corex , fiber glass, carbon fibre and many many more materials, the latest material is and you might have seen this done on tv, is where a plastic powder is put in a box that has a laser light in it then a computer program moves the laser layer by layer through the powder and hardens it thus you end up with a perfectly shaped model and these models can kill people in the wrong hands. There is a guy whos father runs a model shop in London and he is a regular flyer at the shows he flys mainly model jets that can reach speeds of over 250 miles an hour. The biggest model aircraft that was ever built was a B52 bomber with a wingspan of just over 25ft
We take our caravan to the shows and have long weekends, in a few weeks time the next big one is at Weston Park, camping from the Thursday through to the Monday site fees include the entrance fee to the show over the full weekend, there is a large beer tent on site with entertainment on a night time from a local pop group. Thats all for me, after the show we have a little holiday somewhere for her indoors and a good time was had by all.