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Posted: 7 years ago
Eden Camp

Superb ex POW camp, displays regarding WWII, and artifacts made by the POW's during their stay in this country on display in cabinets.

Allow plenty of time, we arrived at opening time which from memory was around 10am and we got kicked out (nicely of course) at 5.30pm. We could have spent another hour or 2 just to finish up properly but we will have to go back again.

Yorkshire Air Museum

Another place well worth visiting that will take up a day of your holiday.

Wold Lavender

Great place to visit, a games maze for the kids, lots of nice smells and gentle walks around the site, plenty of info too.
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Posted: 7 years ago
HI Pentaxman know it well I use a site at Fangfoss not far from Pocklington when her in doors says it is time to visit the inlaws which is about 8 times a year. we usually shop at Monkscross for fuel and food. year before last we spent about 4 months running between Brid/ Scarborough/ Malton and site as her uncle had a double stroke and was in Scarborough hospital then Malton so we have managed to visit quite a few places over the last 4/5 years when they are all keeping well, Sainsburys do some good meals at very reasonable prices. (The village ) thats the name of the PUB in WilboreFoss is also good for food Carpenters Arms Fangfoss also and they all sell Black sheep great pint of bitter. Ledshum is another nice place to visit pass through Locton before you get to Goatland [Adensfield in Heartbeat ] on the Whitby road after you have left Pickering.Carry on out the back way of Ledshum to the left of the pub and you will come to the start of the Wold railway. They have a old car and motor bike show there every year in the station car park well worth a visit.