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thetford fridges

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Posted: 6 years ago
has anyone suffered at the mercy of these fridges,first it will not cool down on either 12v 240v or gas, then it will work on gas and 12v but not 240v,yes the240 element gets hot as does the top pipe of the cooling system but does not cool down, thermostat working on gas but still no cooling on 240v.the fridge is now in the garage perfectly level (just to make sure) all connected up tried every thing apart from starting to replace thermostat which is working on gas ,could it be the thermostat is not working on 240v???only I am a retired ex motor home fitter and never come across this problem before,just for those of you whom will say turn it upside down done been there got t shirt etc etc .HELP anyone got an idea
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Posted: 5 years ago
have you checked to see if the refidgerant is leaking?