Tips for Sleeping in Caravan with Baby?

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Posted: 18 days ago
Hi Everyone!

Though right now all campsites are closed and caravaning is prohibited in the UK, but in this lockdown, I want to make my caravan ready for our Spring camping. Probably, we would go camping right after this lockdown in summer or spring season. Right now, my son is only 4 weeks old, and as a new mom, I want to furnish my caravan entirely according to his needs, especially how he would sleep in the caravan.

I am here to know what are the best sleeping items that caravaners use for their infants. Do you think the use of sleep pods or nests like these on the same bed could be a practical approach or I need to enhance my budget and should go with a good caravan crib or cot? and then I should place sleeping pod there for further assistance? I am also attaching some images of caravan sleeping settings for infants, and it would be great if you would share your thoughts on it.

I would also like to hear more protection-related tips for infant sleeping in the caravan. Please come with serious ideas and your experiences with infants.

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Posted: 17 days ago
I don't think sharing bed with a baby is a good idea. I would recommend you caravan sleeping cots for babies. Koo-di and Safe T Sleep could be reliable brands that you can purchase in terms of cots and bassinette.