Caravan Folding Table?

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Posted: 17 days ago

I am using a plastic and lightweight table for my caravan for years, but now, I want to change it. It has become ancient and messy, and it is also tough to place it from one place to another in my caravan. According to my friend, I should consider folding caravan tables. In this regard, I found this used folding caravan table at eBay, but I don't think it is according to my taste. Its length is also looking more as compared to my needs.

That's why I decided to purchase a brand new caravan folding table from here . It is basically a Rio folding table which is coming with 4 Reston chairs. No doubt, I can use this complete set for outdoor dining and camping purpose as well, and its size is also convenient for me to carry.

What do you think about this Rio folding table? Do you think it is the right option? I know its price is a little high, but if any of my Canadian friends purchase it within Canada, then shipping cost could be zero. Then I can ship it with my other stuff from Canada to the UK. Yes, we usually have business shipments from Canada to the UK.

All in all, I need your suggestions in this regard. You can also recommend other caravan folding tables that you have already used.

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