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Awning cooking

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Posted: 6 years ago
Do any of you vanners out there cook in your awning,I am not refering to barbecues which is a no no. I am toying with buying one of those small oven/grills maybe two hot plates on top or combi oven and top toaster max 850watt, as last year when we had hot days with omni-vent full extraction and windows open sides of awning full open van still got red hot when using the oven etc on gas. I have seen other vanners using similar type cooking aids. but not sure on health and safety issue.I assume it would be okay so long as you dont try and flambe and stick to a english and oven chips. Irefuse to join the wild life and eat rabbit food, a few chopped tomato,s and spring onions tossed in the spag-bol is okay but leaves of any kind uncooked no thanks of course we will need a 16 amp EHU