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Caravan Chilling

Does your fridge go bump in the night? Or are you kept awake in the caravan by the noise of your fridge? This section is committed to keeping things cool, from making ice cubes to pop in your gin and tonic, treating bumps and bruises, to keeping your water and beer cool in the caravan - it’s always important to stay hydrated. Whether you are looking for an extra cooling space to keep in the tent or awning, or have a back up encase the fridge in the caravan stops working, this sections offers a variety of options to caravaners and campers. With subsections including cool boxes and cool bags, there should be something to suit your need. From portable fridges, back up larders, electrical converters and cool box seat covers to cooling rucksacks, here at Caravan Owners Club we like to make things as easy as possible for our caravners. Hence why we’ve put the elbow grease in so you don’t need to search the web, our privileged discounts make everything that much more affordable as well. Make sure you specify exactly what it is you are looking for by using the search bar facility at the top of the page, then take advantage of the detailed product pages and associated product reviews

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