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This page is dedicated to finding the best alternatives to build in beds for caravaners. If you have someone extra joining you on your caravanning holidays this year and don’t have the bed space for them then this page might give you the answer you’re looking for. With a selection of options to choose from the decision doesn’t have to difficult or time consuming – you can also get a great deal on some new privileged offers by becoming a Caravan Owners Club Privileged Member. Check out the different options and browse the different camp beds, as each one comes with its own folding system, size and material selection there should be something to suit everyone’s caravanning need. Alternatively for a quick fix look at the trekker mats, ideal for added comfort in tents and well as caravans. There are the inflatable loungers to consider, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and the range of colours ensure that you can co-ordinate the practicality and colour to your caravan. And if anyone prefers sleeping sitting up, or you just need some extra seats round the table in the caravan, the folding chairs are always a favourite. To help you make a decision and give you some extra opinions on any products, please sign up for free and make full use of our user based forums, or even read up on customer based reviews

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