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Caravan Ventilation

selection of caravan air conditioning units by Dometic  – easy-fit roof mounted meaning no need to take up space inside the caravan 3 year warranties. Cool in the warm summer months and not cooking inside the caravan. Differing levels of power consumption, energy efficiency and noise cancellation to match your budget and preference. Some even have remote controls. Buy covers to protect them when the caravan is not in use

blow out channels also will decrease noise disruption and noise suppressor.


Fridge vents – turnbuckle screws – handy if any needs replacing or necessary when replacing the fridge vents. Winter cover for vents whilst still keeping some of the ventilation which is a necessity- prevents overcooling in the winter months. Replace vents – keep efficiency of the fridge.

Miscellaneous vents replace vents such as roof vents should for example, one blow off when travelling. Ensure air flow for the caravan which helps to keep pests such as damp at bay. Don’t overlook them keep them in good nick.

Window rubber seal – suit varying wall thickness. Windows seals, white headed pins to secure the seal. Replace – window starts leaking

Seitz and Polyplastic window stays – keep window open to allow a breeze in on a summer night to save on the air con.

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