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Caravan Storage Fittings

For those small things that can make a difference have a look through the caravan storage fittings section where you can find compartment locks that will keep your personal belongings and other compartments such as gas lockers safely locked up giving you piece of mind as you leave your caravan.

 We have a range of caravan compartment locks to suit your preference with a variety from push locks to barrel locks to toilet locks. Read through the reviews if you aren’t of what to choose for your caravan.

We also have a range of knobs and handles to update your caravan be it for the windows, a static door, or the cupboards in different styles such as finger pull handles and bow handles.

Once you have new handles chosen for your caravan cupboards you may also want to view our range of cupboard stays with soft closing and locking features. These are perfect for when you desperately want to fish a glass out of a cupboard quietly when others in caravan are asleep. Or perhaps you want your doors to stay open as you fish out heaps of plates when entertaining in your caravan; this means that both hands are free to avoid breakages. The benefit of cupboard stays also means that you can change gas bottles with ease. With such useful items fitted in your caravan you will no doubt wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

For easy transport and to look after your television there are also TV cases which is not only a way to protect your TV from damage when not in use; but also meaning it can be packed or locked away and can easily be carried around keeping all of the wires and parts together.

For all of the gadgets you need for a cosy evening in front of the television this section has everything that you will need. 

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