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Caravan Safety Equipment

Everyone knows that the key to any good holiday is staying safe, especially in a caravan. It wouldn’t be much fun if you returned to the caravan or camp site after a great day out to discover the caravan has burnt down or has been stolen. Sounds like a nightmare rather than the makings of a good caravan holiday! This is why here at the Caravan Owners Club we consider safety, and therefore our caravan safety equipment to be paramount to any caravanning holiday! In this section of the website our products have been categorized into three sections, interior safety, exterior safety and fire safety. Each section is just as important as the other, and even if you weren’t originally looking to purchase anything from this section, have a second think. Protect yourself and your family with our caravan carbon monoxide detectors, caravan fire extinguisher and caravan fire blanket. Be there to clean up any scraps and bruises and purchase one of our caravan and motorhome first aid kits. Alternatively protect the caravan itself and invest in one of our wheel clamp, Bulldog Titan, TC100 and Milenco to name a few.

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