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Refund Policy

To request a refund a Customer will complete an online refund form.  Alternatively, a Customer can email or contact the Supplier directly.

The refund shall only be approved by the Supplier on receipt of the returned Order (or part Order) from the Customer and the Supplier must then return to the Customer via PayPal the monies received in respect of the Order (or part Order) to be refunded, less the delivery charge (unless the Order (or part Order) is faulty, as detailed below) within 5 Business Days of approval of the refund.

The Supplier shall conform to the appropriate legislation that gives consumers the statutory right to a full refund on faulty items. In addition to the legislation Caravan Owners Club has decided to impose the following further conditions on the Suppliers:

  • if personalised items are being specially made, or products are exempt in other ways, any limit or variation on the Supplier's refunds and returns policy must be necessary and legal and stated clearly before orders are placed and accepted.

where an Order (or part of an Order) is faulty and returned, the delivery costs must be refunded along with the cost of the Order.