Caravan Sites, Caravan Parks and Campsites in Gwent

Gwent is a preserved county that derives its name from the ancient Kingdom of Gwent. A picturesque countryside commonly referred to as Blaenau Gwent County, it covers an area of peaceful valleys and exposed heaths and is home to some of the most beautiful camping spots in the UK. It is situated directly south of Brecon Beacons National Park, approximately 30 miles south west and 20 miles south down to the city of Newport. The majority of the land in Gwent is given over to farmland, common and open spaces, when once it was thought of as purely industrial; Gwent is now the ideal peaceful getaway for any caravanner or camper who needs a break from city life. In a county so full of history, culture and a wealth of heritage, it would be nearly impossible not to learn about Gwent’s interesting past. There is an abundance of informative attractions to visit such as museums, roman and prehistoric sites, tranquil gardens, historical churches, abbeys and much more.

If you feel like you have already learnt enough why not take a trip to the Beaufort Theatre & Ballroom? This multi-use theatre hosts a vast range of events including drama, dance, live music and children’s events and should definitely provide something for everyone. For the sportier of us out there Gwent provides sport facilities, gymnasiums, leisure centres and has golf courses. For the home sick there are still cinemas, pubs, restaurants and hotels to use. An important thing to note is that agriculture in Gwent accounts for almost half of the counties land-use, so you can expect it to be a calm and harmonious place to visit whilst enjoying your caravan travels.

Map of Caravan Sites and Caravan Parks in Gwent