Caravan Sites, Caravan Parks and Campsites in Hertfordshire

There must be a reason why people have been living in Hertfordshire since the Middle of the Stone Age so on your next caravan holiday join in and travel to Hertfordshire. Explore the landscapes of the home county, named for its proximity to London. Keen eyed caravanners should keep an eye out for deer roaming the countryside. The name Hertford means deer crossing (of a watercourse), and as you can imagine from such a name the deer features prominently in many of the county’s emblems and fields!

The area is famed for its history and any camper or caravanners interested in the history of England should make a trip to Hertfordshire. It was here in c. 293 that the first example of British martyrdom took place - an Anglo-Roman soldier, took the place of a Christian priest and was beheaded on Holywell Hill. Today his martyr's cross of a yellow saltire on a blue background is reflected in the flag and coat of arms of Hertfordshire as the yellow background to the stag or Hart representing the county. He is also the Patron Saint of Hertfordshire.

Although films and caravans aren’t a common combination this region is also known for its relationship to the filming industry. Many well-known films were made here including the first three Star Wars movies – Elstree studious has filmed the likes of Big Brother UK and Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and EastEnders is also filmed at the studios. American director Stanley Kubrick not only used to shoot in those studios but also lived in the area until his death.  Also Hertfordshire has seen development in other film studio complexes such as Leavesden Film Studios  - The Harry Potter series was filmed at the studios, whilst the 1996 James Bond film Golden Eye was also filmed here.

Attractions in the area include but are not limited to Berkhamsted Castle, Butterfly World, the Henry Moore Foundation, Letchworth Garden City, Therfield Heath, Rye House Gatehouse and Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum, so whether it’s a static caravan, touring caravan or motorhome holiday it may be worth giving Hertfordshire a try.

Map of Caravan Sites and Caravan Parks in Hertfordshire