Caravan Sites, Caravan Parks and Campsites in County Armagh

One of the best times to visit the 'Orchard County', especially in a caravan, motorhome or tent is May as the countryside here comes alive with colour as the pink flowers of apple trees blanket much of the deep green landscape. The annual Apple Blossom Festival at the start of the season celebrates not only the rich apple growing country but also the brilliance of the area's principle variety, the delicious Bramley apple and welcomes all holiday makers and visitors.

Boasting some of the best scenery in Northern Ireland, Armagh is home to the Gullion Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. At the apex of this area is a ring dyke better known as Slieve Gullion, an extinct volcano that consists of a ring of lower, rugged hills encircling the larger mountain and is a fond favourite for caravaners interested in walking, hiking or even just taking photo’s of the local scenery.. Another impressive landmark in the area is the 18-arch Craigmore Viaduct, the highest in Ireland, which carries the Belfast to Dublin railway line. 

Caravaners with families should relive the Battle of Barossa, part of the Napoleonic Wars, at the Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum or fast forward to the future of space exploration at Armagh Planetarium, Observatory and Astropark.

Map of Caravan Sites and Caravan Parks in County Armagh