Caravan Sites, Caravan Parks and Campsites in Isle of Wight

Ever fancied going on a caravan holiday abroad without going too far away from home? The Isle of Wight is your answer. Although part of England, The Isle of Wight is separated from the bulk of the UK by the strait of the Solent yet remains the largest island in England. This gives caravanners and campers visiting the Island the impression of leaving all your worries behind you.

Only 60 miles in length, caravanners might expect to explore the entire island quickly, yet there is more to this little island that first meets the eye. Home to the world’s first hovercraft, Carisbrooke Castle, which imprisoned King Charles during the English civil war and the oldest continuously held marathon (started in 1957), the Isle of Wight is also famous for its music festivals.

Take a trip to St Catherine’s Light House (in Niton Undercliff) which can be seen for thirty nautical miles, and those fit enough among you can climb the white octagonal tower with 94 steps up to the lantern to experience the views. Take your touring caravan to Bembridge and see the last remaining windmill in the Isle of Wight. Listed to the creaks and groans as the structure, build in approximately 1700, is now an iconic image for the Isle and the windmill is a grade 1 listed building.

Join holiday makers such as Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens who used the island as a secret site and wonder the 67 miles of costal paths, leave the caravan and relax on Shanklins sandy beaches or set out on an dinosaur excavation to one of the islands numerous fossil quarries. Alternatively give sailing a go and you might be the next Ellen MacArthur or at least make in to Cowes Week sailing regatta.

Map of Caravan Sites and Caravan Parks in Isle of Wight